In that case, you would like to hunt in Hungary, please fill out the application form on the website, or contact us via e-mail (, or on the phone: +36306055067.

Regarding for your need, we will compare several different hunting company offers, and will help you to choose the most appropriate offer for you. Then we will make up a connection between you and the choosen company, through which hunting will be organized and performed. The principle of guaranteeing our service as a guarantee, that if we receive a legitimate negative feedback from any of our hunter partners, will immediately terminate our contact with the company.

Our service is FREE, we do not charge a fee for our guests!

Our services:

We provide links between hunters and the hunting companies, and help you to choose the best hunting offer for you.

Through our partners, hunting is organized in full, which includes:

The preparation of a hunting offer based on your demands

After accepting the offer the booking of the hunt and preparation of the contract

Acquiring a hunting permit and getting insurances

Sending out the invitation letter

Preparation of a travel route for the hunters coming with their own car and recommend a transfer for the hunters traveling by airplane

Getting an interpreter on demand

Choosing the most appropriate accomodation

Dissection and evaluation of the trophy as well as sending it to a desired location via post on demand

A recommendation from complementary tourist programs


After we have negotiated all the details with the hunting company, we will forward the hunting contract, which you have to sign for us, and send back to the hunting company what you choose, and from that time your reservation is valid.


After the hunt ended the scoring-book is filled out with the verification of the guide, which gives the basis of the pay-off. This contains the list of bagged animals and used services, and hunting organizer prepares the pay-off of the hunt according to that. For red deer and fallow deer stags the trophy weight being the basis of the pay-off is the weight measured with full skull after 24 hours of cooking! For roe deer bucks the trophy weight being the basis of the pay-off is the weight measured with small skull after 24 hours of cooking! For mouflon rams the average of the two horn lengths is the standard! For wild boar the average of the two bigger tusk lenghts is the standard. Every trophy measurement is done at an official trophy evaluation.

After the successfull hunt the hunting organizer take care of the dissection and evaluation of the trophies. If you can not wait for the result of the evaluation in Hungary then you also have the opportunity to transport the trophies abroad.

The bill will be made in Forints or Euros and payment is done on the spot in cash or banktransfer.

We wish you a pleasant time in Hungary and a wonderful experience!

Best regards, the Hunting Hun team