Hungary's most common furry predators include the fox, badger and the golden jackal. The latter has started to appear again in substantial numbers in our homeland. Thanks to their ability to adapt, as well as to their well-known resiliance, they have managed to get to the most diverse regions of the country. These predators' excessive presence poses the biggest threat to the winged game population. The golden jackal's naturalization poses a serious threat to roas, fawns and wild pigs.

Among these listed creatures, the golden jackal and the fox stands out especially due to the fact that these species posess every ability to make them extraordinary hunters and flawless survivors. With their enormous pointy ears they can easily notice even the slightest of sound of the aproaching animal from large distances. Their sense of smell is so sophisicated that they not only notice, but even separate various scents they pick up. With the help of these traits they can easily find their way to their pray. Their eyes enable them to see at night. Their oval-shaped pupil is similar to a cat's, therefore, they can easily accomodate to any lighting conditions. They they are capable of spotting even the smallest rodent with ease.

Hunting methods:

In order to achieve a successful hunt for these predators, several methods have been introduced over the past few decades, but bringing down a predator like this is clearly not an easy task and can prove to be a challenge even the most experienced hunter. Obtaining permission to bring one to the table is most of the time happens "randomly" at occaisons like a big game or even at a small game,altough hunts which aim to interspace these furry pests got way popular in recent years. Moreover, hunting for these mysterious animals by using a huntingwhistle can also be extremely successful. This procedure usually takes place at a hiding spot where the hunter is trying to imitate a warning call of an animal using the whistle. The hunter's goal is to lure the forever-vigilant predator to a clear lawn, or into a trap. This hunting method is, when chosen for the ideal season and area (freshly cut lawn or in the winter), can be extremely captivating. Further techniques include using well-trained hunting dogs or the application of traps.

Hunting season:

  • Fox, golden jackal:                       can be hunted the whole year round.
  • Badger:                                          1st of July - last day of February