Actual: Red stag hunting 2018

Red deer rutting in the best areas of Hungary

Hunt down your dream stag in this season!


Introducing the Hunting Hun

My name is Mark Voros, I am the Founder of Hunting Hun, a website dedicated to sharing all relavant information about current and upcoming hunting events in Hungary. My love of nature and passion for hunting has been there since my early childhood. I was fortunate enough to experience the beauty of hunting in various wonderful regions of Hungary over the past decade.

Both in quantity and quality, our homeland's wildlife is short of nothing but outstanding and easily competes with the richest and beautiful properties of the world. As evidenced by numerous world records and trophies, that the Carpathian basin's natural aptitude and the genetics of local wildlife offer an unprecedented opportunity. Accordingly, Hungary is simply a Hunter's Paradise...

Hunting for me: Experience. Success. Passion.
Hunting for me: Experience. Success. Passion.
 I am Mark Voros, the Founder of Hunting Hun.
I am Mark Voros, the Founder of Hunting Hun.

Leveraging my connections in the Hungarian Hunting Community, we decided to create a website where enthusiastic passion meets professionalism: We frequently arrange hunting trips abroad as well as Hungary, with the support of a group of professional organizers, with many years of experience under their belts. Therefore, we can assure that our guests and clients will have an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience in Hungary, with a high chance of success.

We provide our guests and clients with complete service, with particular attention to the comfort and ease of the hunting experience.

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